Corporate ofiice:
Akhtaruzzaman Centre 6th floor
21/22 Agrabad C/A. Chittagong.

Phone: +880-31 2521294, 2521295, 2521009, 2521010
Help Line (Fax)– 880 31 2521210

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We are flourishing...
Mother Agro Ltd. has its own factories and healthy cattle/other animals farms. It also takes care of sourcing and production in accordance with the highest quality standards. Thus, you are always ensured of the best quality against the keenest prices, as well as fast delivery. There are always enough Caseins and Caseinates in stock for your order, even when agro production is low. For with a strong mother Group of companies– Mother Agro Ltd. – we have the financial power to build up large stocks.


We provides sustained training to local managers and employees in order to help ou customers becoming modern and efficient farm practioners, thus playing an important development role in our following agro-base areas. This adds to the long-term sustainability of their farming operations. In addition to applying modern farming methods, MOTHER AGRO Ltd. also provides an important feedback transfer in agronomy, logistics, planning and crop treatment among other elements of a complex cycle.

With Best Regards,
Md. Alamgir Hossen
Managing Director
Mother Group of Companies Ltd.